Seating Chart

Goal: The first two rows right on the glass in the end where the Gladiators attack twice. 
Glass: The most exclusive seating, consisting of the first row surrounding the ice.
Club Seating: Club Seat holders enjoy additional amenities such as exclusive Club Seat/Suite Level access with private entrance, Club Level Restaurant/Pub access and other perks.
Premium: Center Ice Seats, Blue Line Seats, Behind the Benches, and Rows B - F in the Attack/End Zones.
Attack Zone: Be right on top of the action in Attack Zone seating - the end of the rink where the Gladiators are attempting to score for two of the three periods in the game.
End Zone: Enjoy more of the defensive end of things with a great view of play in the end zone the Gladiators defende for two of the three periods of play.
Suites: Private luxury box that provides private seating for up to 30 people. It also includes a private bar, restrooms and televisions as well as an unparalled view of the game.
Mezzanine: Enjoy a bird's eye view and watch the action develop from the upper level.
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